Donald Trump is claimed to be in a really Trumpy feud with considered one of his superstar impersonators,” the “Jimmy Kimmel Stay” host stated Tuesday. “You know the way Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis duped that plane full of Venezuelan families into flying to Martha’s Winery? Effectively, phrase is, Trump’s upset about that. Not as a result of he cares concerning the individuals. He’s upset as a result of he thinks DeSantis stole the concept from him.”

Based on Rolling Stone, Trump was privately fuming final week over the Florida governor’s political stunt as a result of he believed it was “my thought.”

“Are you able to think about being such a despicable creep you’re mad at somebody for being a despicable creep before you?” Kimmel added. “It’s like taking credit score for being the primary man to place pineapple on pizza.”

Watch beneath on “Jimmy Kimmel Stay”:

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