Trevor Noah reckons there’s one factor everybody, whether or not they’re monarchists or not, can agree on in regards to the British royals.

“Two weeks in the past, as you all know, Queen Elizabeth died of being previous, and it’s been a wild two weeks since,” “The Day by day Present” host mentioned Monday. “A lot of heated debates from all sides.”

He then listed a few of the arguments: ”‘She was an icon,’ ‘She was a tyrant,’ ‘Protect the monarchy,’ ‘Eliminate the monarchy,’ ‘We hate Charles,’ ‘We additionally hate Charles.’”

King Charles ascended to the throne when his mom died on Sept. 8, making him the oldest particular person ever to imagine the British throne. Nevertheless, the 73-year-old royal is relatively unpopular, due partially to his controversial previous and infidelity in his marriage to Princess Diana.

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