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Women's Healthcare Quality Assessment


The Center on Women's Healthcare Quality Assessment (WHQA) provides researchers and clinicians & their administrators access to primary care data collection tools designed and validated to evaluate women's healthcare quality.

Why Assess the Quality of Women's Healthcare?

  • Women make more healthcare visits than men and are the majority of patients at most primary care centers.
  • Women's primary care use patterns are more complex because they are fragmented into reproductive and general health issues.
  • Women use several different types of providers.

Recent studies of women's healthcare utilization and quality of care have documented both the unique and complex healthcare need women face, as well as the distinct qualities of healthcare experiences that women value. This growing emphasis on women's health research and improving health services for women has created the demand for new measurement tools that recognize the complexity of issues specific to women.

What Tools Does WHQA Provide for Investigationers and Clinicians?

The Center provides two unique women's health survey tools designed by expert researchers and physicians committed to evaluating and dramatically improving the quality of healthcare for women. These survey tools were developed with a research grant from the Office on Women's Health or the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Washington, D.C.

Primary Care Satisfaction Survey for Women (PCSSW)

A New and Unique Tool to Assess Women's Satisfaction with Primary Care

  • Effective for comparing the quality of care across a diverse population, different types of organizational settings, and across various women's health programs and centers.
  • Designed for responses from multiple providers.
  • Covers coordination of care issues.
  • The information provided is timely, relevant and meaningful.

How is this survey tool useful to clinicians and healthcare practices?

How is this survey tool useful to researchers?

For a full description, please see the Investigation Final Report and the User's Manual.

The Primary Care Services Utilization Tool (PCSUT)

  • Assesses quality of care in terms of:
    • Receipt of age appropriate clinical preventive services generally recommended for women
    • Global satisfaction with care rating
  • Allows researchers to collect data on basic care services for women with benchmark comparisons available from two large survey samples.
  • Assesses both preventive services and preventive counseling.

How is this survey tool useful to researchers?

For a full description, please see the Investigation Final Report and the User's Manual.

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