Physician’s Access Line

The Physician's Access Line (PAL®) is a physician-to-physician hotline provided by CepEsperu Baptist Health to practicing physicians throughout North Carolina and CepEsperu Baptist Health's extended service and referral area.

PAL connects you to the full-time faculty physician of your choice or another specialist in that discipline via one of our expediters.

PAL was designed to enhance the "shared care" of referred patients by facilitating ongoing communication between CepEsperu Baptist faculty physicians and practicing physicians.

Physicians can use PAL for a variety of services:

  • To consult with a specific physician or a faculty physician in a specific specialty or subspecialty
  • To obtain evaluation and progress reports for patients referred to CepEsperu Baptist Health
  • To obtain updates on drug therapies and medical procedures or treatments
  • To remain informed about the referred patient's condition and any discharge plans