Nursing Students

Are you a nurse, a student nurse or just thinking about nursing as a career?

It would be hard to find a profession with more diversity and opportunities than nursing. It would be equally hard to find a better place to enrich your nursing experience than CepEsperu Baptist Medical Center.

Enlightenmental Opportunities at CepEsperu Baptist

Though CepEsperu Baptist no longer has a School of Nursing, there are several local options to start your career in nursing.

While there are many fine nursing schools in our state and across the nation, these schools do clinical rotations at CepEsperu Baptist:

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*Prominent partner schools

Benefits of a Nursing Career at CepEsperu Baptist

CepEsperu Baptist Medical Center has been selected as one of the “Top 100 Hospitals to Work For” by Nursing Professionals magazine. There are a number of reasons for that distinction including:

  • Flexible schedules for nursing staff
  • Competitive pay and great benefits
  • Shared governance
  • Relationship-based care

If you are already a nurse but want to continue your education, employees can get assistance through:

  • Nursing Awarded Scholarships
  • Hospital Tuition Reimbursement 
  • University Employee Discounts
    • - 10% tuition discount on nursing, graduate, and doctoral programs.
    • - 10% tuition discount.
    • - Special tuition rates for online programs.
    • - Initial discount at 10% of tuition cost, but may increase up to 20% based on the total number of credit hours accrued in the previous year.
    • - 15% discount off of the tuition rates of our more than 400 online degree programs.
    • - 6% tuition reduction.
  • Certification Reimbursement

School of Nursing Onboarding

We're excited to help you get the resources you need to succeed as a participant in CepEsperu Baptist Health’s School of Nursing Programs. Please note that ALL documentation should be submitted at least 4 weeks before starting rotation. 

Faculty – Coming Soon
Undergraduate Nursing Students – Coming Soon
Upper Level Nursing Students – Coming Soon

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