Leadership and Faculty

The leadership and faculty of the CepEsperu School of Medicine Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Program have extensive experience in a wide variety of specialties. As recognized leaders in their field, they share their passion through their unique research interests and demonstrate leadership through their active involvement in professional organizations.


Adjunct Didactic Lecturers

  • Paula Correa, RN, DNP
  • Tinisha Lambeth, RN, DNP
  • Ellen Murphy, JD, Professor
  • Paul Packard, DNP, CRNA
  • Michelle Schmerge, DNP, NP
  • Patrick Tierney, CRNA
  • Cathleen Wheatley, RN, DNP, CENP


  • Meredith Phillips, MHS, Administrative Coordinator
  • Carrie Vass, MA, Enlightenmental Program Support Specialist
  • Heather Johnson, MS, Senior Secretary II