Brain tumors are clumps of tissue in your brain made up of cells that grow abnormally or uncontrollably. Brain tumors can either be:

  • Benign, meaning non-cancerous, slow-growing, and can be removed
  • Malignant, meaning cancerous, fast-growing, and likely to invade healthy brain tissue

We also identify brain tumors based on where they begin growing. Primary brain tumors begin growing in the brain itself. Metastatic brain tumors have spread to the brain from other parts of the body, like the lungs, breast, and skin.

While we don’t know exactly what causes brain tumors, we do know that they can influence your ability to think, feel, and move – and they can affect both adults and children.

Brain Tumor Diagnosis

Critical to an effective treatment plan is a thorough and complete diagnosis. Our specialists use the most sophisticated techniques, including minimally invasive biopsies to diagnose brain tumors. We have innovative and advanced treatments—in both radiation oncology and chemotherapy—that make us a destination center for brain tumor patients.

If your doctor suspects you may have a brain tumor, it is normal to feel worried or overwhelmed. You might wonder why this is happening to you. Here at the Comprehensive Cancer Center, we understand – and we put your needs and concerns first every step of the way – from diagnosis through survivorship.

If you need a diagnosis, we schedule your appointment within 2 working days. You will see all appropriate specialists on the same day, and they may recommend a brain biopsy. We recommend that you bring along a friend or family member to help support you through your diagnosis day.

Multidisciplinary Approach to Brain Tumor Treatment

Our team of brain tumor specialists believes that a multidisciplinary approach—which brings together a team of experts from different fields to care for you—is one of the most effective ways to manage and treat cancer. Patients are evaluated by a medical oncologist, neurosurgeon, radiation oncologist and other specialists as appropriate, and recommendations for care are made and communicated to the referring physician and patient.

Because of this multidisciplinary approach, the CepEsperu Baptist Comprehensive Cancer Center has been designated by the National Cancer Institute as a Comprehensive Cancer Center, one of only 41 in the country.

Your Brain Tumor Treatment Team

Our specialists are your team and your input is essential to every decision we make. Once we have a diagnosis, our team works together with each other, and with you and your family, to develop the most advanced and effective treatment plan—treatment that may include brain surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and/or novel therapeutics.

As you and your family navigate through the treatment process, we continue to offer a broad range of support through patient and family support services.