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Things to know when using downloaded newsletter templates

Here are tips to help you along after you download one of the newsletter templates on the Brand Center site.

  • Check to make sure the logo and color palette you choose is correct for your audience.
  • Save the template to your computer with a new name (e.g., My Department Newletter May).
  • Make sure there is a continuous break after every story (Page Layout > Breaks > Continuous Section Breaks).


  • When you paste in new copy to replace the templated copy, be prepared to see stories or headlines misalign until you delete the templated copy. Sometimes, the template may remain misaligned (for example, a headline may revert to multiple columns or the copy may change width). Simply define the copy that is misaligned or wrong and choose the correct column size or format for it.
  • Misaligned copy may sometimes revert to the correct format once you add your continuous section break at the end of the item.
  • You can insert photos, highlight quotes or other items by going to Insert > (Picture, Textbox, etc.). Doing so will insert your element wherever your cursor was last set, so make sure the cursor is where you want it. Inserting an element may result in misalignment of other elements of your page. Again, you should delete material that is no longer needed or define the copy that misaligned to get it back to the format you desire.
  • If a story must continue on another page, there are two ways to handle this. One way is to simply let the story run directly from the first page onto the next; in that instance, you don't even need a headline on the continuation. If, however, you want the extra copy to "jump'' to another page, trim the copy at the appropriate place and leave enough space (two returns) to place a "continued on page XX'' text line at the bottom of the story. The portion of the story you are "jumping'' to another page should then be pasted into a text column or text box on the desired page. Place a shortened version of the headline and a "continued from..." text line above it.



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Last Updated: 04-22-2016
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